Clean and Beautiful Resources

Click on the links below to download supporting documents for the New Mexico Clean & Beautiful Grant. Upon completion of applicable documents, upload to the Manage Work Samples "Bank" then attach them to your application on the Support Documents page.
NMCB Grant Guidelines
Authorized Use of Grant Funds
Authorized Fund Use Examples
FY18 Grant Award Timeline
In-Kind & Monetary Donations
Frequently Asked Questions
NMCB Grant Forms 
FY18 Exhibit 1
Certification of Equipment Use
Youth Employment Verification
Budget Amendment Request (BAR)
Reimbursement Request Budget Table
End of Year Performance and Accounting Report (EOY PAR)
NMCB Application
FY18 Scoring Evaluation Criteria for Grant Application
FY18 Application Budget & Worksheets
FY18 Application Sample
Keep America Beautiful (KAB)
KAB Affiliation: Benefits 
KAB Affiliation: Application Information
KAB Community Appearance Index
KAB One Shared Brand (OSB) Guidelines
KAB OSB Layout Instructions
KAB Reporting Guidelines & Definitions 
Administrative and Technical Support: For questions regarding the grant application process (such as eligibility requirements, tax status requirements, creative requirements, timelines and due dates and workshops), technical support necessary for the function of the online system (such as account creation, password assistance, form access, and document upload), and the reimbursement or reporting process, contact David Griscom at